Before the birth of the group coming forth and joyful of our freedom of making music and blocking each amount of stress from the ride at the same time, I was first inspired by the unpredictable, inevitable, and unstoppable sounds and elements provided by Offbeatninja's Toonami Projects and the rest of the catalogs during my wave of FL Studio and this other thing called Audiotool and how the special vibes we're used to kept going and going in 2015-2016. I literally figured after being a student of certain famous artists I love and the rest of the under-the-radar godfathers and godmothers of the best platform we truly know and love Bandcamp, getting infinitely high off multiple dozes of -- y'know -- anime inspired boom-bap, old-school hip-hop, R&B, soul, and sample-based beats all over the internet, discovering and feeling like I can do that too but in my own way possible.

So finally in like August or September 2016, I had all of my favorite artists I discovered on the net with me. Originally had all of our names consisted and included in the idea named after my favorite planets randomly. Made random album covers for days and days whilst happier with the do-whatever-I-want lifestyle whenever I work on the rest of our catalog before I, myself, would become learning how to start crediting the work of our favorite people, and even having most of the twists of my music and my feels to our music compared to the greats we study 24/7, 365 days times a million. Of course, naming certain joints [that are not albums] after our forefathers of most kinds of music we study. Even the beginning and the middle of 2017 and 2018, the [favorite] decades [that I would love to call myself passionately] kept just getting started like forever and always.

Until the brokenness several months later whenever the music we make will have no choice but to impact and change whilst we had faced harder times whilst the sample-blocking was happening. It was the notice of times where certain users did not credit or tell us the original names of each of their works. It almost affected my ethic, but even I was temporarily banned when I was refusing to accept things like that. Until finally the middle of either 2017 or 2018, I tried accepting things like thst and apologized to the powers, then finally got back on probation.

Fasting foward to 2018-19, I was getting back to the ususal routine that me and the fam loved the most but the styles of our music started becoming different. Worked on more JUPITER projects back to back, and that fact even a year later made me emotionally on a whole 'nother "thank you" mode. I felt thankful for lifting my spirit afterwhile, not just musically though.

Fall 2020, I had decided that I wanted to change how I wanted to share our music myself and sprinkle something different. This led to me having to first change our group name from JUPITER to JUPITER Music, and then work on our
real studio debut album Regaining Season. I mentioned "real" in the meantime because was at the point where as far as a lot of our music, and streaming platforms, and finally learning how to start crediting the original writers, I did not wanna put too much to the forefront since things had been even more different these days. Regaining Season was supposedly my best inspiration so far. It was like "Finally, all I'm regaining right now, no matter what the coronavirus panndemic keeps bringing, is the strength to communicate and build new spirits after surviving my second depression and anxiety." Regaining Season, to me, was almost like the season didn't only involve music. It was supposed to involve life and how almost every creative parts of the internet [whether it's arts & crafts, merchandise, html coding/drag-n-dropping and video games] kept influencing and turning the rest of our perspectives differently. Even my solo ideas and missions besides the group will always address the same concepts because I wanted to shed more and more light my way on things of those natures.

It's 2022 & 2023 right now, the years of survival that I hope it'll turn out to be for myself and the rest of my family. I hope the years of survival will be best for my peers' families ans yours. It's been the craziest emotional roller coasters in life, but at the same time, we travel to our life's true callings with style.

Preparing for our launches soon: finding out whatever's finally worth valuable for us. Lift-offs: nothing in our lives are worth promising period. No matter what kind of astronaut you are, study those stars and count every blessing/episode, pay attention to your missions, stick a flag on any other planet when it's all said and done. Solar Times: Our whole entire universe and the required healing of our existence by our maker is music to a lot of ears. Time is eternal, so are we. Time don't move or speak until we do. What astronauts do is control time and effort with our works. Time and effort are both precious, never waste them. Don't even miss or waste opportunities and let it slip whilst you're trusting the process.

- Anthony Louis Johnson, 2022.

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